Mark Lally has been building and remodeling homes in and around the Moore County area of North Carolina since 2004. Mark has built his business around offering his clients the quality every homeowner should expect to receive. He delivers homes that stand up to the test of time at a value that is seldom offered by other custom home builders in the area.

We offer superior quality new construction at prices that most other custom builders in the area are not willing to consider. We can do this for two simple reasons: very efficient time management and profit margins that are lower than most any other custom building firm.

Mark Lally Construction

TGI floor system

Some people believe that a lower price often equates to lower quality. Nothing could be further from the truth in our case. Our construction methods are second to none. We start the very process with precision. Our re-bar reinforced footers are plotted with a laser ranging device, giving precision unobtainable by older methods. These precision measurements allow our masons to construct perfectly dimensioned foundations; this is the key to building a properly dimensioned house.

Our hand built flooring systems are constructed from professionally engineered wooden I joists, also known as TJI, or the silent floor system. These wood I-beams are more expensive than standard 2×10 stick built floors, but the expense is well worth the payoff. We then use adhesive and screws to attach 3/4″ Advantech T&G flooring to the engineered flooring system. This combination produces the stiffest, most squeak-free floors available.

We use premium lumber and other material throughout your new home; products like windows that are energy star rated in all 50 states, Tyvec brand house wrap-not the less than half price knock-offs that allow water vapor to move in both direction, and we tape all the seams. We caulk the top and bottom plates, apply expanding foam around all exterior windows and doors, all exterior wall penetrations as well as behind all outlet and switch boxes adjacent to exterior walls, and above code insulation in walls and ceilings. Proper building practices like these make a big difference every month when you receive your electric bill.

Tight building practices are followed throughout the entire building process to guarantee an energy efficient and waterproof building envelope, our attention to these details pay huge dividends during  home ownership.

Mark Lally Construction