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Mark Lally Construction can build your dream home for less for TWO major reasons:

 (Time Management)

My Craftsman and I will spend as many or more total man hours on your home as any other high quality builder. The difference is that I condense what takes most builders 6 to 12 months to do, into an average of 4 months. By doing this, it saves you, the homeowner, several thousands of dollars on your construction loan interest and insurance premiums. I only budget 4 months worth of temporary utilities into your contract price, again saving you money. I carefully choreograph several trades to work on your home at the same time. This is rarely done by other builders because it requires the contractor, or their job site manager, to be physically on the job site for almost the entire work day, throughout the entire project. I am on the constant lookout for possible bottlenecks, and proactively prevent them. Unlike most other builders, I do everything possible to completely eliminate down-time. I stay in constant contact with the next upcoming craftsmen, to ensure that your home is on their schedule weeks before they are needed. I get on the building inspectors schedule three days before the inspections are required, instead of waiting until the tradesmen have completed their work. These are but a few examples of why I can get you into your new dream house in much less time than most builders.

(Low Overhead)

My office is in my home. This is a relaxing place to do business for both me and the homeowner. This eliminates a second mortgage or lease payment from my expenses and so is not passed on to my clients.I don’t have, or have a need for, a secretary, administrator, nor site manager and so on. I don’t pay to feed the food chain, which means that you don’t either. Paying the wages, FICA contributions, unemployment insurance, workers comp insurance, health insurance, vacation and so on, of these employees is a considerable expense.

The absence of these people also means that when you call Mark Lally Construction, you get Mark Lally. I don’t have to check with someone else to get your message. I can tell you what progress took place on your home project yesterday, today and what will happen tomorrow and the next day.