Why choose Mark Lally Construction?

Pinehurst Design Build

 Mark Lally, Owner

I will give the homeowner a thorough breakdown of all the costs associated with the building of their home and it will be attached to your quote. This quote will disclose the cost of all materials and the labor cost to all of the sub-contractors, such as framers, painters, plumbers, masons etc. This quote will show you my total gross profit also.

I work very closely with the homeowners in setting the allowance amounts. If time permits, it is preferable that the homeowner pick out the type of cabinets, flooring, plumbing fixtures, counter tops, etc. before the quote is finalized. This will allow me to put in the most accurate allowance as possible. All allowances are given at contractor prices; this makes the allowances up to 15% more valuable than the retail allowance given by many other contractors.

My sub-contractors are chosen for their integrity and value. They must share the same quality and precision philosophy that I do. I do not try to beat my sub-contractors down on their prices, (this is VERY common in the building industry).

I feel that all people deserve to earn a proper living for their hard work. I have seen many examples of work done by underpaid workers on other builders’ job sites and its not very appealing. Regrettably, much of this subpar workmanship will not show its ugly head, until years later.

We make every effort to keep the job site clean, both for safety reasons and to allow you to show off your future home with pride during the building process.

I make every house I build a personal endeavor and it shows in the quality and service after the project is completed. I know of no one that I have ever built for that would not highly recommend me to their friends, family and neighbors.

If you call my phone number, you will get me. If you don’t, I am either on the other line, out of range or asleep. If you leave me a message, I WILL call you back.


How we build your house in 4 months

My average time to build, from building permit to move-in, is four months. This is possible only because of my deep involvement in the project, proper choreographing of work crews and building inspectors and the elimination of down-time. This also contributes highly to the reduced cost to the customer by substantially reducing the cost of temporary utilities and construction loan interest.

I will exceed your expectations. I will accept no more than three major projects at a time, so as to ensure absolute quality.

There is no reason to overpay for your dream house! Don’t be on the receiving end of a bad deal or a bad experience. If Mark Lally Construction builds your house, it will be one of the best experiences of your life.

Mark Lally